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Linens and Chair Covers for Rent

Pop-Up Gazebo

Whether you’re planning a backyard barbeque or an indoor banquet, the style and size of linen on each table will help determine the tone of your event. If you’re planning a wedding or any other special occasion, we definitely recommend floor-length linens for a more formal look. If the event is more low-key, lap-length linens are budget friendly while still making a statement.

So how do you choose the linen that will look and fit best on your tables?

Answer these three simple questions then reference our handy-dandy linen size chart below. It’s that easy!
What size and shape is my table?
What length do I want my linen to be?
What is my budget?

Once you have determined your tables size(s), call us to know about linen rental inventory!

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Walkway Tents
Chair Covers

Any event with banquet chairs needs a beautiful chair cover to dress it up. You can have a beautiful table linen but if it is surrounded by unattractive chairs the look is not very pleasing.

If you have a budget issue, go with a chair cover and use the house linens and maybe add a napkin that matches the chair. If you can afford both the chair cover and linen then go for it.

We have chair covers in many colors and even more colors of chair ties to add pop to your event.

Frame Tents
Runners & Overlays

An overlay is a tablecloth that is layered over another tablecloth to create a look that can give the table an added sense of dimension, texture, and style.

Complement your primary, base linens with one of our Overlay linens. We carries a wide variety of overlay or runner linens, from delicate lace to striking prints, perfect for any event or wedding reception style.

Pole Tents

A plain chair cover just looks lonely. Add color to your party linen with Chair bands and belts.

Chair bows of matte satin and sparkle organza can be combined to resemble a flower or flip-tie satin for a classic, formal look.

All chairs need to be accessorized with one of our spectacular chair ties.

Ah, Don't forget the Napkins!!


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Find everything you need for your special day. Our wedding rental packages include tent, tables, chairs, and dance floors. Additional items can be added to the packages as needed or taken off if not needed. If you need more information, or don't see something here that meets your needs, please feel free to contact us at (772) 361-8461 or e-mail us at

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