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Pop-Up Gazebo
EZ Pop-Up Gazebo.

A pop pop gazebo is an ideal solution to sheltering the family from the summer sun, and of course sheltering your guests from the occasional rain should the inevitable occur.

Walkway Tents
Walkway Tents.

Walkway Tents are frame style tents utilized for many purposes. Common applications are small individual tents, vanity tents, connecting tents to each other, connecting a tent to a building, and as entryways. Their gable ends allow for placement against buildings and other structures.

Frame Tents
Frame Tents.

Frame tents do not require a center pole therefore provide the user with an unobstructed interior space. These tents can be anchored with ropes, stakes, or weights, allowing it to be installed on a variety of surfaces including grass, asphalt, or pre-existing floors.

Classic Frame Tents are advantageous for applications that require the maximum usage of space under the tent top.

Pole Tents
Pole Tents.

Canopy pole tents have centerpoles within the middle of the tent with ropes and stakes around the perimeter. Small canopy tents are recommended for use on soft surfaces such as grass, and are perfect for any back yard BBQ, wedding, graduation or birthday party. Large Canopies for events such as school commencements, corporate outings festivals and fairs can be erected on most surfaces.


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Find everything you need for your special day. Our wedding rental packages include tent, tables, chairs, and dance floors. Additional items can be added to the packages as needed or taken off if not needed. If you need more information, or don't see something here that meets your needs, please feel free to contact us at (772) 361-8461 or e-mail us at info@stluciebouncehouse.rentals

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All You Need Under Tent

We offers an extensive variety of accessories to compliment any tent. . Enclosing your tent with sidewalls can protect your guests from the elements and will also provide privacy. Tent liners conceal the frame that supports a frame tent and adds an elegant look. Adding the extra flair with lighting that creates the right mood plays a major role in the design of any event. The atmosphere is complete when you have the table and seating setting! Once you've decided on the color scheme for your wedding, or any other event, St Lucie Bounce House Rentals is happy to help you to provide table linen and other matching accessories!

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