Delivery Area and Information

Our service area include:

Saint Lucie County: Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, and St Lucie Village.

Martin County: Arundel, Hobe Sound, Hutchinson Island South, Jensen Beach, Jupiter Island, Ocean Breeze Park, Palm City, Seawall’s Point, and Stuart.

Delivery Policy

Upon delivery, we will walk you through safety rules prior to and after set up of the bounce house. Safety is our primary concern. With that in mind, St Lucie Bounce House Rentals reserves the right to cancel any reservation that, in the opinion of the St Lucie Bounce House Rentals representative, it deems a danger or jeopardizes safety in any way. 

The dimensions of all of our equipment are listed in the item descriptions. If we deliver equipment to the specified location and the equipment cannot be set-up because the area is inaccessible or not suitable for safe set-up, you will be responsible to pay 100% of the total rental fee. 

Unsuitable areas can be caused by: uneven surface, animal excrement, vegetation, not enough ground space including a 3′ safety zone around all inflatables, inadequate access to set-up location, overhead obstructions or unsuitable ground material like sharp gravel or any substance which may damage the equipment. 

Removal of Silly String like substances

  • If silly string or any similiar substance is permitted to come in contact with the inside or outside of the inflatable unit, a $100.00 cleaning fee shall be automatically imposed by St Lucie Bounce House Rentals. 
  • If, in our opinion, the damage is severe enough to render the unit unrentable, the customer will be responsible for the replacement of the unit (minimum $1,000), at full replacement price, and any loss of revenue until the replacement arrives. 

The reason for this policy is that the chemicals in these products cause irreparable damage to the inflatable and the cleaners that have to be used to remove them also cause additional damage.

Delivery Time

  • Backyard parties are delivered within a 3 hour delivery window generally between 8am and 1pm. Drivers are scheduled to arrive no later than 30 minutes your event start time. 
  • Park, School, Church, and Corporate delivery sites are generally delivered during the hour before your event. we strive to ALWAYS have equipment rentals set up 30 minutes before the start of an event. 
  • Our Drivers have several locations on their delivery route, it’s extremely important that the contact person responsible for the event to be on time to meet the driver for safety, set up instructions and final payment. One late customer can create problems and stress for everyone else.

Pick Up Time

  • We start picking up a few hours before dark which makes the typical rental period averaging 6-8 hours. Please contact us for special circumstances and availability based on your party times.
  • Backyard parties are generally picked up within 4 hours of your event end time. During your Confirmation Call you will be given your 4 hour pick up window. Pick up can be as EARLY as your event end time. 
  • If the Driver shows up to pick up the equipment and there is no one at the site or the gates are locked, you will be subject to an additional pickup fee. Schools, Churches, Corporate, and Park delivery site locations are generally picked up within 30 minutes of the event end time.

Tent Safety Notice

Tents are temporary structures designed to handle most normal weather conditions; however, there may be situations that become unsafe such as high winds or lightning. Evacuation of tents is recommended in these or other unsafe conditions. St. Lucie Bounce House Rentals will not be liable for poor weather conditions or natural disasters.


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